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Hello there, This week, (September 18)  Viralix has crossed the 50k members! Woohoo! Thank you, thank you. It is wonderful for the sellers of course, but it means more competition for you, the shoppers. So, how can you win the competition and get more approvals & get higher discounts? Oh, that is very simple.

You may ask yourself what is the #number next to your name.

Well, in order to make it easier for the seller to choose who will receive the coupon, we made an internal ranking for Rank-Booster.

A very frequently asked question is what the number means. well, #1 is the highest-ranking, the best Viralix in his country, and #2 will be the 2nd and so on.

Based on what Viralix Ranking calculated?

The ranking based on your behavior on the website in general, and outside of the website.

It starts with the number of requests, approvals, social media platforms on your profile and more, some of the Criteria will stay secret, but we can tell you some, and here they are.

Social media platforms on your Viralix profile

As you know, Viralix is a social media review platform, we do not require, or recommend, to write a review on Amazon in exchange for a discount.

Why? The review probably will be deleted, and the seller can be hurt.

So, in order to help the seller as much as possible, the reviews will be written on your social media. Now, how can you get more ranking? add your social media platforms to your profile.

If you review on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, it doesn’t matter, you can add them all. For each social media platform you add, your ranking will be higher.

Order ID & Reports.

The Coupon worked? great! add the order ID on the coupon page. Doesn’t work? Report it as not working!

Each action will benefit your ranking. It will only help you and your Viralix friends to know which products are the best to ask coupons for.

On each product page, you can find the Amazon Coupons Success Rate, based on the information YOU have added.

In the picture below you can see the success rate of this item, 80% success.

Viralix Blog

For those of you who don’t have a blog to share your opinion on, You can review on Viralix Blog.

Viralix Blog is a feature associated with Viralix that we made for you.

The reviews you are writing on Viralix blog will show on your Viralix profile.

The number of reviews is calculated and will benefit your Ranking, as well as the quality of the reviews, Videos or Photos, Shares and Purchases from your review.

For example, you may find a Viralix member with 5 reviews only on the top #50 shoppers, because of the number of sales he had from his review on Viralix Blog.


Your social media reviews are being tracked by the hashtags we require.

#RankBoosterReview & the Brand name of the item you got.

Our team checks the hashtags on a daily basis all over the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, blogs, blog-booster, Everywhere.

So if you made reviews without the hashtags, add them today to get more ranking points manually.

Phone Verification

Verifying your phone number will add the VP badge to your profile’s name so the seller will know there is someone real behind the screen, and you will get extra points to your ranking from Viralix for the effort.

Negative Ranking

There are some actions who might hurt your Ranking as Expired Coupons, that you didn’t purchase within 24 hours, or Giving up on coupons. 

Use Instant Deals

Even if you have no ranking there are many products you can get without approval, and build your rank based on it. Search for the lightning! You can find the Instant deals here

#Top 50 Viralix Members

Sellers have the ability to check the Top Viralix based on their Ranking and the platforms they added to their profiles. here are the Top #10 US Viralix members, You can find the full list including all countries here (you must be online as a shopper to see it) 

For summary, the Ranking is the key to getting more approvals and offers from sellers, increase your rank, and you will see the change by yourself! Have fun and good luck!

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