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When ASIN cannot be found on Amazon automatically, you can add the product to viralix manually.

It sometimes happens when Amazon’s API can’t find it, or there are too many promotions uploading at once.

Anyway, you can upload the promotion manually. All you need to do is to add the title, category, and price and our team will review the information within 6 hours.

How does it look like?

Usually, when the ASIN can be found, you will see the product title, category, and price, along with the product’s picture.


When the item cannot be found, it will be shown like that:


In order to upload the promotion, add the title, choose the category, and add the price manually, the rest of the information is the same as creating a regular promotion.


Once you have done, our team will review your promotion and if the information is correct, the promotion will be live within 6 hours.




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