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Hello there,
We are more than happy to announce our new feature – Blogs & Coupons!

So, what is that, and how can you take advantage of it?

Viralix members require to review the products they get on social media and blogs.
In order to make it easier for them, and for us to track their reviews, we have created Viralix Blog

Viralix blog is a Blog for Viralix members, where they can write their Reviews and get extra Ranking points for better Reviews, Sales, and exposure.

Viralix Blogs usually being shared on the social media of the Viralix members.
Now, you can add Coupons to those Blogs!

Why is it good?

  • More exposure
  • Increase in Sales
  • More drive to Viralix to refer Friends to their posts
  • You can track how many sales you got from this specific coupon on Seller Central
  • Great landing pages for advertisements – high-quality reviews!

How does it work?

Simple, Simple, SImple!

Go to the seller menu > Tools > Blogs & Coupons

If you got a Viralix Blog already, for one of the products you ever uploaded to Viralix, you will see it here.

In order to add Coupon to all of your Viralix Blogs, simply follow these Steps:


  1. Click on Create Coupon +
  2. Choose Discount 5% – 95%
  3. Add Group Coupon
  4. Click on Submit

Once you’ve done, you can see the Success rate on the left side (N/A)
You can Change the Coupon or remove it Permanently at any time


This feature is available only as long you are a VIP member, once the VIP membership is done, the Coupon will not appear on Viralix anymore

That’s it! Take advantage of this great feature, do not miss the opportunity to increase your sales!


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