How to use Helium 10 with Viralix Keyword Promoter

Hi there Amazon Seller, Recently we have received many requests for creating features and using Keywords Super URLs for promoting keywords through Viralix. So we did, Keywords links are available already, and In order to Maximize the potential, we made a quick guide for how to use Helium 10 for promoting Keywords to the first page!

In general, Links that include Keywords can help, but, in order to promote the product to the first page, Amazon Sellers must have a clear distribution strategy in order to get the best results as soon as possible.

Here is a question: If you could know how many items you need to give away in order to reach the first page for a certain keyword, would you do it?
How powerful it might be for Amazon sellers? Hold tight, that tool actually exists!

Helium 10 CPR Method

One of the must-have tools for Amazon Sellers and maybe the strongest one for building a distribution strategy is the CPR 8 Days Giveaway of Helium 10.

This Tool gives you a High-Quality evaluation of how many sales there are on the first page through a certain keyword.

If an item is selling 10 units a day through this keyword on the first page – all you need to do is to sell also the same amount (or higher) of units through the same keyword, and you will be able to reach the first page for this keyword.

Make sense, right?

So, it basically tells you how many coupons you will need to send every day via Viralix for 8 days in order to have the same amount of sales the items on the first page is having for this keyword.

In this guide, we will explain how to choose a keyword to promote, how to promote it via Viralix and how o follow the progress through Helium 10 Keyword Tracker.

Before we start, make sure to have an active Helium 10 Account, if you don’t have one, you can join here.

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Finding Keywords to Promote using Helium 10

First, make sure you have logged in to Helium 10.

Then, you will see the Helium 10 Tools set, We will use Cerebro for finding the Keyword.

Helium 10 Cerebro Keyword Finder Guide
Click here to access Cerebro 

For the Example, we will use a Random product from iPhone Charger by AmazonBasics.

Add the ASIN to Cerebro, Choose the Marketplace and Click on Get Keyword.

Get 50% off for Helium 10 first month
ASIN: B07DDMZCRL | Market: | Action: Get Keywords

For this ASIN we received 29,324 Keywords!

CPR 8-Day Giveaways
The results have been Sorted by CPR 8-Day Giveaways High to Low

The interesting part in the table is the CPR 8-Day Giveaways Collum.

In the Picture above you can see that the most Expensive Word – By Far – its “iPhone charger”

In order to Promote your product to the first page for this Keyword, you will be required to send out 14,344 products within 8 days. That means 1793 items Every day 😱

You can remove irrelevant Keywords (iPhone 6 Case) and continue scrolling until you find a Relevant keyword that stands with your Budget.

What Keywords are the Best to Promote?

Helium 10 Gives you the opportunity to choose the Best Keyword to promote to the first page.

The Parameters we want to verify is:

  • High Cerebro IQ Score
  • High Search Volume
  • Low Competing Products

Of course, you also want the CPR 8-Day Giveaways to be low, but it depends on your Budget.
Some Sellers are able to Giveaway 1000 units and some only 100, so make sure to choose the right keyword for you.

Here is a good example of a keyword to promote:

How to promote Keywords on Amazon
High IQ Score | Nice Search Volume | Low Competition

The giveaways required for the Keyword above “iPhone charger 10 ft apple certified” is 104 within 8 days.

By Sending out 13 units a day for 8 Days, There’s a great chance for your product to be promoted to the first page!

Promoting Keywords using RB Deals

Now, when you know what is the best keyword to promote,  its time to give it a Boost using our wonderful community!

First, Login to your Viralix account, and Create a new RB Deal:

Amazon Keywords Promotion

Then, Choose the Marketplace, in that case,, and add the ASIN:

Amazon Keywords Promotions
Market: | ASIN: B07DDMZCRL

Setting up Keyword Promotion

After verifying the information, add the keyword you’d like to promote:

Amazon Promotions for Amazon Sellers using Helium 10 Discount 50% off
Keyword: iPhone charger 10 ft apple certified URL: 2 Steps via Brand Name Recommended Discount: 90%

In order to be able to get 13 purchases a day for 8 days, the discount should be at least 90% off.


 There are 2 Things you must be aware of before you publish the promotion.

  1. Make sure the Automatic Approval is off, so you will be able to control the number of coupons send each day.
  2. Add at least the amount of coupons recommended by Helium 10 Cerebro Tool

Amazon Coupons Promotions With Keywords Helium 10

Whooho! Your Keyword Promotion is LIVE!

Now you will start getting requests from Viralix Members.
You can control who gets the coupon and when.
We require to purchase the item within 24 hours from receiving the Amazon coupon.

How to Track Product’s Positions on Amazon?

Now, while the Promotion is running, and coupons are being sent every day, you probably want to know where your product is located on search results.

In order to track it, you can use Viralix Keyword Tracker:

Rank-Booster Keyword Tracker via Dashboard
For adding new keyword click here

Choose the Marketplace, add ASIN, Keyword, and :

Adding product to the keyword tracker on Rank Booster

Click on Save and you will be able to see how the keyword is being promoted!

Keyword Tracker for Amazon sellers by Rank Booster

Thank you for reading this far!

This guide includes a super strong Amazon launch strategy and Amazon Keywords position optimization.
In summary, we have talked about:

  1. Finding Relevant Keywords on Helium 10
  2. Boosting the Keywords via Viralix
  3. Track the keywords Ranking using Helium 10 Keyword Tracker

Here are some extra tips on how to make this strategy even better!

Our Extra Tips

Here some Special Extra Tips for you to Maximize the Effect:

  • The main keyword is not necessarily the best Keyword for you.
    Sometimes long-tail keywords will require fewer giveaways and give you impressive results.
    Our tip: Make good Keyword research before you start the keyword promotion on Viralix.
  • Helium 10 CPR Method is estimated. We recommend sending 10% more coupons than Helium 10’s recommendation.
  • Make a few Coupons Groups on Amazon and use them randomly.
    We have found that different Coupons Groups have better results.
  • Make sure you limit the Max order quantity before you create deeply discounted promotions

I hope this guide has helped you make better decisions regarding product launched and giveaways,
We will continue updating Viralix with great tools and cooperations with other Amazing platforms.

Netzah Topaz,
Amazon Seller, online marketer, marketing tools addicted.


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We have contacted Helium 10 for a discount and we received a special one for you!
Use this code: RB10 for 10% Off Every Month on Helium 10!
Use this code: RB50 for 50% Off First Month on Helium 10!

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