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Hey there, How was your first day on Viralix? 

I’m so excited to guide you on how to boost your product successfully using our wonderful Viralix Deals.

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Viralix has 3 Kinds of Promotions.

  1. RB Deals – Coupons, Keyword Ranking, Social Media Reviews
  2. Mass Offer – “RB Deals on Steroids”
  3. Lading Pages – Coupons in exchange for Newsletter signups

RB Deal is the most powerful coupons distributing tool for ranking products to page #1 on Amazon.

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Creating Promotion

Within less than a minute, your promotion will be exposed to more than 50,000 excited Viralix members. 

Using the Mass Offer credits your RB Deal will be offered automatically to our Top Viralix members with no further actions from your side.

Here are some great guides to start with:


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