[Exclusive] – Get x8 more Amazon Reviews!

Hello there! 3rd day, what an excitement!
My name is Netzah, and I’m about to show you how to increase your organic reviews, with 100% Amazon’s complaint! 

As a viralix member, you can create a follow-up message with Review request that will be sent to ALL of you Amazon’s orders – Automatically!

The steps are very simple, please follow carefully:


Integrate Amazon Seller account

Our Follow-up Booster is designed to be as simple as possible and it starts with an effortless setup process, Getting started takes less than 3 minutes.

Here are the full guides on how to integrate your Amazon Seller Accounts:

  • USA, Canada, Mexico – Click here
  • UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France – Click here
  • Japan – Click here


Once your account is fully integrated – Add your first product!

  • Seller Menu > Email Sender > Create New
  • Click on “Add a new product” or click here:
    add new product
  • Choose the required marketplace:
    (Marketplaces will be available based on the information you have added earlier)
  • Add the ASIN and verify the information, then click “Continue”:
    verify information



Create Follow up Messages

Amazon allows you to send 4 Automatic Follow-up Emails, but we recommend to send one, specific, with as much value as possible.

Here are great step-by-step guides for creating a new Follow-up message:


Why Should you send a follow-up email?

  • More Sales & Repeat Customers
  • Custom Links To Amazon – Send shoppers directly to the Review page, or Feedback page
  • Scheduled Email delivery – Choose when to send the product, how many days after the confirmation or Shipping
  • 100% Compliant – Do not worry about Amazon policy – Never!
  • Increase Feedback and Reviews by up to x8
  • Easy to Setup
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Best Sellers know that the secret of getting 5 stars reviews and feedbacks is giving the best customer service as possible. You get more reviews and better reviews when the customer is satisfied. With the follow-up booster your customers will adore your service, and best of all, it’s 100% automated and hands off for you.

I believe that with the right content and extremely good customer service, you can get your business to the next level.

Hope you will find it useful and if you have any questions, 

Let’s meet online, and If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us!

Netzah Topaz,
Amazon Seller, online marketer, marketing tools addicted.